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Captured by my students and myself, documentation of experiential learning via rocket launches and catapult building.

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Courses Taught

Below is a portion of the courses I have taught and the associated educational materials I have created. Feel free to use documents and media with attribution to this website.

Spring 2016-Spring 2023

Physics for Life Sciences I & II: Lecture & Laboratory @ Chapman University

This course is primarily for students majoring in biological sciences or in pre-clinical programs: A calculus based, general introduction to physics and its principles, with applications to biological systems. I and II cover topics in classical mechanics and E & M.

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Algebra-Based Physics: Mechanics @ Orange Coast College

The first semester of a two-semester sequence covering all topics in basic physics. Requires algebra and trigonometry. Satisfies the requirements for biological sciences and technical programs except physics, chemistry, and engineering.

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Spring-Fall 2017

Conceptual Physics @ Orange Coast College

A brief, but complete presentation of the fundamental phenomena and laws in physics, with experimental illustrations, enhancing the development of conceptual scientific thinking.

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Fall 2016-Winter 2017

Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory @ Orange Coast College

A laboratory course designed for non-science majors that provided practical experience with the scientific method through outdoor astronomical observations and indoor analysis of
experimental data.

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